Software Maintenance & Technical Support – The True Reason

Unfortunately your favorite software vendors don’t always time the release of their latest and greatest software version upgrades with your IT budget cycles.

What happens when that mission-critical upgrade becomes commercially available but your organization has already spent its annual IT budget in other areas. You are no longer in control of your IT management services.

That is why GTI strongly encourages you to consider entering into Maintenance agreements for your most important software vendors.

You can regain control of your IT management program by paying for upgrade protection when you have the budget available and installing the software upgrades when it is most convenient for you.

Usually, the cost of a maintenance program is less than half the cost of buying the upgrades as they are released.

So there can also be significant cost savings to using maintenance agreements. The software publishers also like them because it evens out their income stream and eliminates the income spikes every time they release an upgrade.

Therefore, they make it attractive to continue using their software this way. As new versions, updates, patches, and bug fixes are released, GTI will inform you of their availability and add them to your Master/Gold Disk Software Library.

Then you can choose when and to who to distribute copies of the new software either for testing or actual production sites using your choice of media (see Media Duplication Services).

If you have developed a software standardization program (see Enterprise Standards Management), then you should be considering purchasing maintenance agreements for each of your standard software programs.

Many maintenance programs as described above also provide some level of technical support directly from the publisher.

However, for those that don’t or if you have a desire for a higher level, or premium support, directly from the publisher, we encourage you to consider entering into a Technical Support Agreement with the Publisher.

GTI can help determine the level of support that would be required for your organization and who should be included in the support program.

We will review for you the benefits of the publisher’s standard agreements or help you to negotiate a custom agreement based on your organization’s unique needs.

A key part of any IT standardization program is to staff a central help desk or support center to answer your computer user’s questions. In order for your support staff personnel to provide the right answers, they will on occasion need access directly to the publisher’s technical staff.

Many publishers also offer access to technical support information in a variety of other ways including Tech Support CD-ROM packages, BBS, and internet databases of typical technical support situations. We will ensure that the publisher provides complete access to the solutions you need.

Whatever the software maintenance and/or technical support needs of your organization are, GTI can help develop a program that will meet those needs.

We have negotiated maintenance and technical support agreements with almost every major software publisher and can use our expertise to create agreements like those that have been created for other organizations of your size and type.

To find out more about software maintenance and technical support agreements contact your Inside Sales Manager at GTI or invite your local area GTI Representative (see Who’s Who at GTI) to come to your office.

We strongly encourage to take advantage of what the software publishers have to offer and with our help, these agreements can be structured to best solve some of your organizations biggest IT headaches.