How to Grow Back Healthy Hair

Losing hair can be very frustrating. But if you are facing hair fall problems, you are not alone. Hair loss is more common than you can think. But you will be very happy to know, there are many ways to stop the hair fall and grow back healthy hair.

Excessive hair loss is very concerning. It can cause worry and even affect confidence and self-esteem, especially in women.  But if you take the proper treatment you can grow back your healthy hair. Do you want to know how? Then read this article to know how to grow back healthy hair!

Healthy hair

Here in this article, I will talk about why hair loss happens in the first place. Then I will talk about how to grow back healthy hair by forming some habits and using all the natural ways. So, keep on reading! 

Causes of Hair Loss

Before you start with your treatments to grow back your hair, you need to know why your hair loss occurred in the first place. You need to treat the cause at first so that you won’t lose any more hair. Otherwise, even if your hair starts growing back they will fall out eventually. Here are some common causes of hair loss-

  • Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalance is one of the main causes of hair loss. In the teenage years, when you are going through puberty you can face some hair loss problems due to hormonal balance in the menstruation cycles. After the age of thirty, many women have a hormonal imbalance due to excessive dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, conversion. If you are having a hormonal imbalance, visit a doctor and take proper medication.
  • Lack of Proper Nutrition: Hair is originally made of protein bonds. If you are not consuming enough protein it can lead to protein deficiency and as a result, your hair roots will get weaken. Besides, lack of zinc, copper, and iron also causes hair loss. So be sure to consume foods that are high in protein, zinc, copper, and iron. Another cause of hair loss is vitamin D deficiency. So be sure soak in the sun sometimes to make up for that.
  • Birth Control Pill: Birth control pills help to stop ovulation. But pills imbalance the hormones in your body which may weaken your hair roots and occur hair loss.
  • Stress: Stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss. It can cause sudden hair loss and sometimes this hair loss can be permanent. So meditate, do yoga or do whatever helps to reduce your stress. If nothing is working then go visit a counselor who may help to reduce your stress.
  • Hair Styling Products: Nowadays, hair styling products are the most common cause of hair loss. Chemicals found in hair bleach and dyes can make permanent damage in the hair roots. Besides, over-heating your hair can cause sudden hair loss. That’s why if you are going through hair loss problems, minimize using them air styling products and stick to natural products.  

If the causes of hair fall enlisted here aren’t responsible for your hair loss problem, then you must consult a doctor. So that the doctor will find out the cause for you.

How to Grow Back Healthy Hair- Natural Remedies

Now that you know the cause of your hair loss and it’s been taken care of, you can proceed with the treatment to grow back all the hair that you lost. All these natural treatments are proven to stimulate hair growth and can help you grow your hair back.

  • Massage Your Hair Regularly: Massaging your hair regularly can improve blood circulation in your scalp. The right amount of blood circulation in your scalp creates the right environment for hair growth. That’s why massage your hair using your fingertips every day for at least 15 minutes. If you have long hair, you can use a soft hair-brush to do the massaging for you. There are also many professional salons that offer hair massaging. The stylists there know the correct way to massage hair that can lead to maximum hair growth.
  • Use Hair Oils: Try adding hair oils in your hair massage. Hot oils unclog the hair follicles that help new hairs to come out. So, heat some hair oils for 40seconds then massage your scalp properly with it for 15 minutes. You can then soak a towel in warm water and cover your head with it. Leave it for 20minutes then wash the oil off with a natural shampoo. Do it at least once a week for the best results.
  • Use Hair Masks: Some natural ingredients are capable of promoting new hair. One of the most beneficial hair masks is onion mask. If you can tolerate the smell of onions, then make a hair mask with onion juice. Take some onion juice and mix a few drops of essential oil with it. Use it in your hair once a week. You can also use aloe vera gel, honey, yogurt, henna to help in the regrowth process.
  • Maintain a Balance Diet: Protein is known to be the building block of hair. That’s why make sure to consume the recommended amount of protein every day. Besides, omega 3 fatty acids are proven to promote hair growth. These fatty acids found in salmon, avocados, nuts, etc. are known as healthy fats that will help you to grow back healthy hair.
  • Do Yoga or Exercise for 15 Minutes Every day: Doing yoga and exercises help in many ways. First of all, they will relieve your stress. Stress can be very responsible for hair loss. Then these will allow you to breathe in and out more deeply and allow oxygen to go inside every cell. It will help in blood stimulation and generate new hair.
  • Take Medications: If you have a nutritional deficiency, take your multivitamins regularly. You can also consume vitamin e capsule regularly. Vitamin e is proven to generate new hair and promote hair growth.

We are at the end of the article. In this article, we explained the causes behind hair loss and talked about how to grow back healthy hair. As all the ways we talked about are natural, be patient and consistent with them and you will eventually see great results.