Funny Truth or Dare Questions About the Earth for Couples

Truth or Dare has been the go-to game for any party or sleepover for centuries.

This game is universally loved!

When you are playing this game with your significant other, things can get quite exciting.

However, when it is your turn to ask a question or suggest a dare, it seems as if your mind has gone blank. The game isn’t fun if the truths or dares are not exciting or interesting.  

Here is what you should ask your significant other!

When you are playing truth or dare with your significant other, and you can ask them some questions, it can be tempting to ask them just about anything!

However, to keep things light-heated, why not take this opportunity to ask them something funny? Get more truth or dare questions on Sociotelligence and Forbes.

Hilarious questions for a game of truth

1) What is your guilty pleasure

While it may not seem like it, this question can be hilarious because of the surprising answers that you might get. It helps you get to know your partner a little better in a fun way!

2) When Atheists go to court, do they still swear on a Bible?

this question is sure to make your partner laugh out loud! It also has the bonus of you watching them struggle to come up with an answer!

If you switched genders for a day, who would you want to become: from a celebrity to your best friend, your partner has their options open!

3) Be sure to ask them what they would do on this hypothetical day!

What is the most useless piece of knowledge you know: well, it might be useless, but it can be quite funny to learn what random facts your significant other stores in their mind.

Would you rather eat dog food or cat food: the teasing won’t stop once your partner answers this!

Does a person’s name determine anything about their personality: aren’t you intrigued to know whether your partner thinks your name adds to your personality?

Dares that are fun for couples

Well, truth questions are fun; there is no doubt about it. But, the real fun of this game comes from all the dares.

Take a look at these dares that will make for some happy memories!

1) Plan a date for us!

While your partner may not be able to act on it immediately, it will still ensure that you have a fun day planned in the near future.

2) Sing the alphabets backward.

This is not an easy task, and it will be fun to watch your partner struggle for the next few minutes!

3) Do push-ups until your next turn.

Exercising is not fun unless it is you watching someone else struggle.

Draw a face around your belly button and only use it to speak for the next three rounds: Fun for you and your partner!

Truth or dare is only exciting when you have the right questions for your partner.

Make your games fun and ensure that your belly hurts from all the laughs by the end of the night.

This party game is sure to leave your breathless from all the giggling you are going to be doing!