Cartier Comes to Canada

Down the Ooligan Trail 
Cheri Brooks
Was a Native American “grease” trail the real Northwest Passage? 

Discovered But Not Revealed 
Brian Hooker
Magellan’s “Unfortunate Island” 

Strait to Cathay 
Derek Hayes
Jacques Cartier and the French claim to North America 

Soldier, Scientist, Map Maker 
Norman J. Thrower
William H. Emory and the mapping of the American Southwest 

Crossing the Line 
Susan Ludmer-Gliebe
Shifting boundaries on the Pyrenean frontier 

A Secret First 
Peter W. Dickson
Rethinking Waldseemuller’s world map of 1507 


Field Notes: Blessed Water
Sven Hedin
Journey to the source of Tibet’s Brahmaputra River 

All Over the Map: Miller Time
Mark Monmonier
Modifying Mercator 

Auction Block: Bids and Pieces
Ian Mc Kay
The international auction roundup 

Destination: China in America
Francesco Rosselli’s colorful sea chart